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Calle Antonio López 249
[Primera Planta] · MADRID


1. Mission: To develop, produce and market together with our customers and suppliers, Spanish products of quality, achieving rapid and sustained growth of the company, creating value for our shareholders and welfare for our workers.

2. Vision: to be one of the top leading companies in the marketing of Spanish products through continuous innovation in products, processes and management, positioned as the best qualified diversified and profitable industry.

3. values:

Quality: We are committed to manufacture and export the best Spanish products, offering consumers quality and giving our customers a first class service.

Efficiency: We invest in resources to increase effectiveness, efficiency and profitability.

Flexibility: We constantly innovate to maintain our leadership position in the domestic and international market.

People: We value the quality of work of our staff by promoting a good work environment that allows us to operate productively in a team.

Image: We maintain our good name and credibility, fully complying with our shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, creditors, public and the community in general.

+34 91 142 5887